CoPS is providing the opportunity to complete certification training and get the reward of practical experience by working at the European Business Park in Enugu State, Nigeria. The 8-month training certificate course, affiliated with Godfrey Okoye University will prepare outstanding technicians for jobs with European companies, operating in Nigeria.


End of CoPS Phase 1

We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of the Centre of Practical Skills (CoPS) initiative, a collaborative endeavour between the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), GODFREY OKOYE UNIVERSITY, and esteemed European private sector partners. Together, we are committed to addressing the root causes of irregular migration by empowering Nigerian youth with essential practical training, […]

Congratulations, CoPS Class of 2023!

Today marks a significant milestone as we celebrate Graduation Day at the Centre of Practical Skills. 🎉 It is a moment of immense pride and joy as we witness our talented students stepping into the next chapter of their lives. We want to take a moment to recognize the incredible dedication and hard work of […]

Successful Completion of Project Defence and Exhibition at the Centre of Practical Skills

With great pride and satisfaction, we celebrate the exceptional achievements of our students from the Plumbing Department, Masonry Department, and Electrical Installation Department. Throughout the project defence, our students demonstrated exemplary practical skills and profound knowledge in their respective fields. Their presentations captivated the audience, showcasing their dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. We extend […]


Dual Education Concept

Implementation of a dual education concept, combining theoretical classroom sessions with practical traineeships at partner companies’ facilities

European Standard

Curricula are developed in cooperation with European training institutions and companies and the majority of graduates will get a job with partner companies in the business park.

Certified Vocational Training

Implementation of a certified vocational training programme to address the needs of the private sector. Capacitated Nigerian teachers working in partnership with European teachers

Job Creation

Graduates will also be referred to the Start-Up Centre and encouraged to start their own businesses or create joint ventures with European investors

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Favour Amarachi Onemeforo

Electrical Installation
CoPS has been life-changing for me and fulfilling. After the first month of the training, I could fix my mom's electric iron. She was so impressed and excited she kept saying to the neighbours my daughter is an engineer

Eze Chidera Emmanuel

Electrical Installation
I have gained a lot of knowledge from the programme. I can troubleshoot and repair some electrical appliances now from the knowledge I have acquired. So far, I could troubleshoot and fix my faulty cooking range at home.

Odimmaude Precious Ogechi

Electrical Installation
Even though I studied a business and management course, I knew I could see myself in the engineering field someday, and although there are few female engineers, I still feel happy and confident about it. So, seeing this CoPS opportunity through my pastor, I knew now that I could actualize my dreams of becoming an engineer.