Teachers View

The training commenced with forming teams with five members comprising students from electrical fittings, plumbing and masonry. The students were well-disposed to receive lectures and behaved with a certain level of maturity and professionalism. The class was interactive and members worked in a group as most of the exercises in the AWS were group formatted.

The students were given a few ground rules including being punctual, zero use of mobile phones during training, students must sit together as a team, exercises must be carried out as a team, every team has a leader, the students must attend every training with their AWS, they are to brainstorm and get a business name and idea before the next training. Team leaders will in 24 hours receive a transfer of the seed money of thirty-six thousand Naira  (36,000 NGN), the take-home assignment (Elevator pitch) will be given and the students are expected to present their business ideas in 60 seconds at the next session.

Learners view:

I learnt that I do not need the whole money in the world to start a business with the small funds I have at hand and materials that I have at home I can start up a business.

I also learnt that problems are what birth opportunities so when there is a problem, I see opportunity. We observe our colleagues are not able to find food to eat till the end of lectures so my group started producing Burns and Peanuts to sell. It is quite easy to make.

I also learnt Bootstrapping which is using what I have to get what I need.

Group H (JORDEK)