Strategic management and marketing is a systematic method of establishing an organization’s business, mission, and goals; recognizing the instrument of SWOT analysis as well as marketing MIX ( the 4 PS) to develop product-market strategies; budgeting monetary and operational resources; and reconceptualization. Strategic marketing management also involves carrying out your overall mission through particular and strategic processes to maximize your present marketing strategy. It is, in essence, the process of making strategic decisions inside a marketing plan to improve that plan.

The students are encouraged to have a business throughout the step training.

Strategic management and marketing is a logical, analytical process for choosing your venture’s future positions regarding your environment. The most common defect of entrepreneurs is myopia, a lack of long-range perspective in thinking or planning. In the sports world, they say, “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. This is an essential management tool for any entrepreneur. It will help the students of COPS to predict future trends that will help their business growth